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Change of Yonsei Graduate School’s interview date due to earthquake occurred in Pohang area
 작성자: ysgrad@yonsei.ac.kr 작성일(수정일): 2017-11-17 

Basically, there is no interview step for international student track in Yonsei Graduate School’s admission process. However, when it is required, the major departments could contact each applicant individually.

l  Result notice of candidates for an interview: November 21st (Tue), 2017

l  Changed interview date: December 2nd (Sat), 2017 (this could be vary depends on the major departments’ schedule, so please consult to the major department you applied for)

l  Final notice for successful applicants: December 8th (Fri), 2017

To check out the details for interview schedules, please refer to the attachment.

Thank you.