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[등록] Tuition payment guidelines for 2019-2 newly accepted students
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Tuition payment guidelines for 2019-1 newly accepted students

*** for detailed information, please refer to the attached guidelines.

What To Do

Dates and Notes

Select Miscellaneous Fee(s) to Pay

2019. 7. 10(Wed) 09:30 ~ 7. 11(Thu) 16:00

■ Please mark ✓ for a miscellaneous fee(s) you wish to pay at Yonsei Portal Site (, which is possible only during the period stated above. The payment will be made along with the tuition fee during the tuition payment period.

Print Tuition Invoice

2019. 7. 12(Fri) 09:30 ~ 7. 16(Tue) 17:00

■ During the period of miscellaneous fee selection, you are able to print out the invoice by clicking ‘Print the Bill' button only after selecting miscellaneous fees to pay.

■ Go to → Click on "Tuition and Payment" located on the bottom of the page → Login by typing in ID and password → Click "Registration" → Click "Tuition Invoice Print" → Click Inquiry/Registration → Click "Print"

Pay Tuition Fee (and Miscellaneous Fee(s))

2019. 7. 12(Fri) 09:30 ~ 7. 16(Tue) 17:00

■ Failure to pay tuition and/or other fees during above period will result to cancellation of admission.

■Tuition can be paid via internet banking, phone banking, ATM transfer and teller transactions from all banks to designated Woori Bank account.

■ We recommend that you complete the payment by 16:00 on February 1st, before the bank closes in order to avoid unexpected problems,

such as transaction limit excess.

■ ·Tuition Fee Table (reference) :

e_guide_2019-2.pdf k_guide_2019-2.pdf