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[졸업] Notice for Graduation Ceremony (2019.8)
게시글 내용

Congratulations upon your academic achievements and honorable graduation from Yonsei University. Please read the following information regarding the commencement ceremony.

1. Commencement Ceremony Time & Location

- Friday, 30 August 2019, 11:00 A.M. at the Main Auditorium(대강당)

(Reviewing student acquired degree: available during August 20th(Tue) ~ 23th(Fri) through graduate school homepage)

2. Guidelines

A. Gown Pick Up and Return (Master's Student)

- Gown laundry and keeping fee payment: Wednesday, 21 August 09:30 ~ Friday, 30 August 14:00 2019

Thursday 16:30 2019

Gown Pick Up: Tuesday, 27 August- Thursday, 29 August 2019 (09:30-16:30)

- Location: Graduate School Conference Room

(Stimson Hall, 2nd floor, located on the left side of the Underwood Hall)

* Please submit your ID card and receipt of laundry and keeping fee payment to receive your gown.

- How to pay: -> login -> Academic information -> Academic information management -> Academic records -> 학위가운대여 Borrowing Gown (laundry-keeping fee payment) -> check the individual virtual account number -> Make a payment

(Borrowing Gown is available if you submit your ID card and receipt of laundry and keeping fee payment, 7,000KRW for master’s students and Credit Card is not available.)

- Gowns must be returned on the day of the commencement ceremony, 30(Fri) August 2019 by 16:00.  (If you do not return gowns, no certificate issuance will be available)

* Doctoral students must prepare gown, hood, and caps on their own.

(For doctoral gown rentals and custom-made doctoral gowns, you can contact

Sung-Eui Sa at, Tel: 02-754-7650, or ChunchooSa at, Tel 02-312-6661)

B. Commencement Picture for Doctoral Students

Time: Friday, 30 August 2019 10:30 A.M. (Please come by 10:20)

- Location: In front of the Underwood Hall (The president and the vice president of the University, and the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School will be joining the photo session)

C. Directions for the Ceremony

- Master's Students: Please come to the Main Auditorium with your cap and gown on by 10:30 A.M.(There will be no photo session).

- Doctoral Students: After the commencement picture photo shoot, you will be entering the commencement hall with your cohorts. Please have your cap and gown on for the photo shoot by 10:20 A.M. in front of the Underwood Hall, and be ready to enter the commencement hall.

D. Diploma and Souvenir Distribution

Diplomas for Master's and Doctoral students will be distributed after the commencement ceremony, where the gowns distributed (Graduate School Conference Room, Stimson Hall 2nd floor) upon returning your gown (students must bring their ID card and if a third party is returning and picking up the diploma, he/she must have the graduate student's ID card). The commencement souvenirs will be distributed at the Graduate Students Association Room(Baek-Yang Hall N602, TEL: 02-2123-3672). If you do not take the diploma within three months, the diploma might be discarded according to the regulation of documentation, so please be advised to get it within the designated period.

E. Instructions for the Degree Conferment during the Commencement Ceremony

- Doctoral Students

Please stand up when your name is called. You will be seated when the student representative receives his/her diploma from the President and comes down from the stage.

- Master's Students

All graduating students must stand up when the student representative walks up to the stage. When the representative receives his/her diploma from the President, turns back, and shifts the tassel from the right to the left, all master's students should move his/her tassel as the same way. You can sit down when the representative steps down from the stage.

F. Others

- If you have any outstanding balance or unreturned library books, please make sure to have everything paid and returned by Thursday, 15 August 2019.

(When you returned books after the due, you have to submit ‘도서반납증 Confirmation of book return’ when you get your gown for the ceremony.)

- Please understand that diploma allocation will be started after the degree ceremony is over.

 Important Notice

1) To keep the quiet atmosphere during the ceremony, commencement ceremony hall (Main Auditorium 1st floor) will be closed once the ceremony starts. Entrance and exit will not be available during the ceremony.

2) After 11:00 A.M. on the ceremony day, 1st floor of main auditorium will be closed. You can use 2nd floor entrance instead.

3) Seats limited with restricted line will be only available to relevant graduate school students.

4) Please turn off or mute your cell phone before the ceremony starts.

5) Once the ceremony starts, changing seats and shooting photos will be prohibited.

6) Private photographers cannot enter to the commencement ceremony hall.

August, 2019

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Yonsei University Graduate School

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