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About Yonsei

Introduction to Graduate School

"Based on Christianity, we seek for inventive theory and scientific methods to build leadership character and to contribute to the cultural elevation of humankind"

Yonsei University Graduate School was founded in 1950 under the leadership of Dr. Yun Kyung Kim, the first dean of Graduate School. The mission statement defines the educational goal and direction of the Graduate School Based on Christian spirit, Yonsei University Graduate School aims to cultivate the future leaders of Korea in order to make them serve the wider world community. Yonsei University Graduate School thrives to develop creative academic achievements with scientific and critical methods of research.

Yonsei University Graduate School continued to expand by accepting the first doctoral students in 1961. Since its inception, approximately 9,700 Doctoral Degrees and 37,000 Master's Degrees have been awarded to the qualified candidates.

Yonsei University Graduate School currently has six academic divisions: Liberal Arts and Social Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Art and Physical Education, Medical Science, and Interdisciplinary Programs. Within the divisions, there are 86 departments, 23 interdisciplinary programs, and 26 Joint Programs with other prominent research institutes in Korea.

As of 2014, approximately 10,000 students are enrolled in Yonsei University's diverse graduate programs. Also Yonsei University has 1,530 full-time faculty members at Seoul Campus of Yonsei University. With distinguished professors and advanced research programs, Yonsei University Graduate School has proudly facilitated the best academic environment for the most qualified students.